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^DiZnEy^s Homepage! ^_^

Dizzeys site

Hello there and welcome to my homepage. :D

Click here to download xootixz2.

Click here to download sc_fragtraining.

My favorite half-life multiplayer modification is svencoop. My ingame nickname uses to be <{KorN}>Radidsh.

Click here to see pictures of the map(s) im currently working on (Xootixz).

Click here to see some funny half-life-"comics" I made.

Who was that again....


Uhm let`s see... That was...

Oh yes! Puffu! W00tness

Eh.. Uuh... Umm.... Meer!

Lets see, it began with s... no wait, z... Zippy!

Hes from the moon! Or mars! Or atleast somewhere out in space... Its spacemanspiff!

Dizzey`s Homepage

***Temporarly beta test for xootixz, click